Litigation & Appeals

Our expertise extends to a number of administrative appeal processes which flows in consequence of a South African Temporary residence visa or Permanent residence permit being declined by the Department. Such adverse decision must be given in writing with reasons. The appeal challenges the grounds on which the application was refused and does not require the consideration of the entire application afresh.

If so necessitated, we are also geared to assist with Judicial Reviews to the High Court whom have the authority to consider the veracity of a decision and if the court finds that the decision is unlawful, unreasonable or procedurally unfair it can make any of a number of possible orders to rectify the situation, such as an order declaring the administrator’s decision invalid, ordering the administrator to reconsider the decision or replacing the decision with the court’s own ruling.

In addition to the aforegoing, our services extend to the following:

  1. Magistrates’ Court proceedings primarily dealing with immigration enforcement matters such as, but not limited to, inspectorate investigations, arrests and deportations.
  2. Expediting the outcome of submitted temporary and permanent residence applications which remain pending for an inordinate period of time. Such expedited service of pending applications are brought by way of application to the courts.
  3. Reviews / appeals against adverse decisions that may fall outside the permitting ambit.